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2024-2025 Graziadio Academic Catalog 
2024-2025 Graziadio Academic Catalog

Master of Science in Global Business

IMPORTANT NOTE: For students who were admitted and started the program prior to fall 2023, please refer to the Archived Catalogs section for the catalog that corresponds to the year of your matriculation to learn more about the degree requirements that apply to you.

The MS in Global Business (MSGB) program may be completed in four trimesters with a minimum of 41 units. The program offers a diverse range of global learning experiences, viewed through a social, environmental, and ethical responsibility (SEER) learning lens, that is designed to enhance the global mindset level of MSGB graduates and prepare them for productive and enriching work in their chosen global business careers. The first two trimesters of the program involve full-time coursework on campus, combined with experiential learning opportunities through which students engage with global businesses in the U.S. or abroad. The remaining two trimesters include a globally focused internship and a trimester abroad.

All MSGB students will complete a trimester-long, globally-focused internship in the U.S. or abroad, which, for international students, may include their home country. Students work with Career and Professional Development Coaches and faculty who serve as Internship Advisors to identify an appropriate internship. 

All students in the program are encouraged to apply for the one-trimester study abroad program or complete 12 units of elective coursework on the Malibu campus and earn a specialization. The trimester abroad experience will entail enrollment in full-time coursework at one of Pepperdine’s partner universities. For students who are eligible to pursue a specialization, the list of available specializations is listed in the program sequence section.

The curriculum for the 41-unit Master of Science in Global Business consists of the following:

Core Courses 29 units  
Career Seminar 0 units  
Global Business Internship 0 units  
Elective Courses 12 units  
Total Units Required 41 units  

Students who complete the MSGB degree can apply to be admitted to the Full-Time MBA program. MSGB graduates who are admitted to the Full-Time MBA program will be required to complete an abbreviated curriculum requiring 39 units. Students may waive the following courses from the FTMBA program: BSCI 650 , which is required in both programs, as well as ACCT 620 , BSCI 622 , DESC 618 , ECNM 624 , FINC 629 , MKTG 626 , and OTMT 626 . All other courses and requirements in the FTMBA program must be completed, including the internship and electives in order to earn a minimum of 39 units in the FTMBA program.

MSGB program learning goals and outcomes state the educational expectations of student achievement for each degree program. These goals are defined by faculty members to clarify how they intend for graduates to be competent and effective as a result of successfully completing the program. 


As part of the MSGB degree requirement, students will complete 12 units of elective coursework. Students earn 6 out of the 12 units in a selected specialization area. The remaining 6 units of electives are fulfilled from the MSGB elective course options.

Elective course availability will vary per term and year based on instructor availability, enrollment, and program needs. Although elective courses are not guaranteed to be scheduled on a regular cycle, students will be provided a choice of relevant options from the program’s elective list during course registration.


  1. Career development requirements must be completed before registering for the final year of study.
  2. PGBS 580 is taken in three modules for three terms. For fall entrant students, PGBS 580 is taken during their first, second, and fourth trimesters. Spring entrant students take PGBS 580 in their first, second, and third trimesters.