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2022-2023 Graziadio Academic Catalog 
2022-2023 Graziadio Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Master of Science in Real Estate

The MS in Real Estate program (MSRE) is an interdisciplinary and applied, practice-oriented program across the finance, accounting, business law, economics, and decision sciences disciplines (with options to choose supplemental analytical electives from information systems and technology management, marketing, behavioral sciences, and strategy). The program is focused on developing real estate investment and finance analysts with strong technical and quantitative skills. 

 The program requires completion of a minimum of 34 units, but students may complete additional electives to earn up to 40 (or more) units.

Core Courses 26 units
Career Seminar 0 units
Internship or Experiential Learning Course 1 unit
Elective Courses 7 units
Total Units Required 34 units

MSRE program learning goals and outcomes state the educational expectations of student achievement for each degree program. These goals are defined by faculty members to clarify how they intend for graduates to be competent and effective as a result of successfully completing the program. 


  1. With approval of the Academic Director, all or part of PGBS 560  may be waived for students who are sponsored by their companies.
  2. A minimum of 7 units of electives are required to complete the program. Students must complete either FINC 647 FINC 649 , or FINC 698 . Additional electives can be chosen from ACCT, DESC, ECON, FINC, or ISTM prefix courses.

Elective Concentrations

Students in this program are eligible to graduate with a concentration in Investment and Finance .

Elective course availability will vary per term and year based on instructor availability, enrollment, and program needs. Although elective courses are not guaranteed to be scheduled on a regular cycle, students will be provided a choice of relevant options from the program’s elective list during course registration.