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2024-2025 Graziadio Academic Catalog 
2024-2025 Graziadio Academic Catalog

20-Month Full-Time MBA

The 20-Month Full-Time MBA program fosters an understanding of key aspects of management in a multicultural learning community with a focus on values-centered leadership. Through the use of team-based methods, innovative problem-solving, case studies, and field experiences, the Full-Time MBA program strives to emulate real-world workplace dynamics. 

The program was developed to shape our students into successful business professionals with the following in mind:

  • Cultivation of personal values, integrity, and ethical behavior and to develop a values-centered leadership perspective and philosophy.
  • Emphasis on team dynamics, team development, and applications to enhance success as leaders and managers.
  • Improvement of students’ understanding of business fundamentals through the application of theories in practical business settings.
  • Refinement of the necessary written and verbal communication skills for effective business management and leadership. 

The program consists of 54 units of coursework and a business internship. The internship is designed to provide students with work experience, or gain experience in a different professional field. It is a full-time internship taken between the first and second year of the MBA program.

Global Business Requirement

All 20-Month Full-Time MBA students must complete at least 2 units of global content coursework by satisfying one of the following options:

  1. A global content course from any concentration.

  2. A one-week, 2-unit Global Business Intensive course hosted by partner schools abroad, led by a Graziadio School faculty member.

  3. One trimester study abroad at a global partner business school.

  4. An appropriately scoped global business directed instruction project.

Global Business Intensive Courses

Two units of credit may be earned by completing one of the Global Business Intensive (GBI) courses offered at locations such as Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, and North America. The short-term intensive courses occur during trimester breaks. At the time of registration for the GBI course, students must have completed a minimum of 8 units at PGBS with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.70.

Study Abroad Program

Students may spend a trimester abroad as a full-time student at one of the Graziadio School international partner business schools during the fall trimester of their second year of study. Upon approval by the appropriate academic discipline(s), 12 units of coursework of comparable scope and content may be taken at the international partner school to satisfy elective requirements. Students will enroll at the Graziadio School in the appropriate number of PGBS Study Abroad course units. When the courses are completed at the international partner university, their course designation will be added to the enrollment record and appear on the student’s transcript. These courses will be graded credit or no credit only. 


The curriculum for this program consists of the following:

Core Courses 34 units  
Career Seminar 0 units  
Elective Courses 20 units  
Business Internship 0 units  
Total Units Required 54 units  

FTMBA program learning goals and outcomes state the educational expectations of student achievement for each degree program. These goals are defined by faculty members to clarify how they intend for graduates to be competent and effective as a result of successfully completing the program.


  1. Students must complete career development requirements before registering for the final trimester of study.


As part of the 20-Month Full-Time MBA degree requirement, students will complete 20 units of elective coursework. Students need to earn 12 of the 20 units in a selected concentration area*. The remaining 8 units of electives may be fulfilled by completing electives from the Full-Time MBA concentration elective course list. 

Elective course availability will vary per term and year based on instructor availability, enrollment, and program needs. Although elective courses are not guaranteed to be scheduled on a regular cycle, students will be provided a choice of relevant options from the program’s elective list during course registration.

*Students who complete a trimester abroad do not declare a concentration. 

^The concentration is on pause and not available to new, incoming students.