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2016-2017 Graziadio Academic Catalog 
2016-2017 Graziadio Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Online Master of Business Administration

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The Online Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is designed for individuals who possess business or managerial experience, need or desire a highly flexible educational delivery modality, and are interested in developing their functional competencies and leadership potential. Students gain a solid foundation of current business management concepts within a 52-unit curricular framework that is global, values-centered, and entrepreneurial. A significant amount of students’ class assignments will require ongoing integration and application of acquired knowledge and skills from their professional lives.

The program has the following learning outcomes:

  • Students will have the skills to analyze business situations in an integrated, multidisciplinary way and recommend solutions.
  • Students will have the communication skills to persuasively and professionally articulate their thinking.
  • Students will understand team dynamics and be effective team members and leaders.
  • Students will incorporate ethical considerations in decision making.

Students begin the program in a cohort, but different concentrations and course sequencing options allow students to mix during the program. Online sessions are completed on a weekly basis. A four-credit course consists of weekly sessions with a total of 60 hours of instructor-directed instruction. Because Pepperdine courses are offered on a trimester basis, a student may complete the program in as few as 24 months. Graduate students enrolled for eight units are considered full time.

During the first trimester of study, all members of the class are required to participate in a weekend-long Personal and Leadership Development Workshop (BSCI 650 ). The workshop is designed to build a cohesive learning team for the class as well as explore the dynamics of interpersonal communication, personal ethics and values, and team development. The three-day residential workshop requires two overnight stays. Each participant is responsible for travel and accommodation expenses. Meals and snacks are provided. This course is graded on a credit or no credit basis.

Global Business Intensive Courses

Two units of credit may be earned by attending one of the Global Business Intensive courses offered at locations in Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, and North America. These week-long intensive courses are conducted during trimester breaks.

Leave of Absence

A leave of absence may be granted during a student’s course of study. A letter or an e-mail from the student’s Pepperdine e-mail account must be submitted to the Program Office indicating the reason for the leave and the projected time of return. Students may be granted a leave of absence for up to three consecutive trimesters. If a student requires a leave of absence longer than three consecutive trimesters, the student must submit a petition to the Program Office. For information regarding the submission of this petition, contact the Program Office. International students in F-1 visa status must obtain clearance from the Office of International Student Services before taking a leave of absence.

Standards and Measurements of Achievement for Online MBA Students

Standards of achievement and methods of assessing student performance in each course are delineated in each course syllabus at the outset of the academic term. Through the duration of the Online MBA Program, a minimum overall grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 is required to maintain satisfactory academic standing. Each course in the Online MBA curriculum must be passed with a grade of “C-” or better. A core course in which a grade lower than “C-” was earned must be retaken and completed with a passing grade. A grade lower than “C-” in an elective course may be made up by completing either the same course or a different elective with a passing grade.  A course may only be repeated once, and in all cases, both grades will remain on the student’s transcript and be factored into the cumulative GPA. 

Student academic performance is monitored by the Program Office at the end of each term, and any student falling below the 3.0 GPA minimum is subject to academic probation. Students placed on academic probation will be notified in writing and informed of the conditions applicable to the probationary status. Among these conditions is a reduction in academic unit load, limiting enrollment to four (4) units of Online MBA coursework per trimester for the duration of the probationary period. The probationary status will not be cleared until the student has reached the minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.  

Students who fail to regain good standing within the time frame specified in the initial notification of probation will be subject to dismissal from the Online MBA Program. Other circumstances that may lead to dismissal include:

  • Cumulative GPA falling below 3.0 at any point in the Program
  • Earning any grade lower than a “B” while on academic probation
  • Earning a grade lower than a “B-” in more than two courses within the Program
  • Earning a grade lower than “D” in any course

Orientation Course Requirement

  • All students are required to complete the online Orientation “course” prior to taking their first course online.

Taking Courses Between Programs

  • On-ground students can take a maximum of 12 units through the online program.
  • Online students can take a maximum of 12 units through the on-ground program.

Transferring Between On-ground and Online Programs

  • On-ground students who wish to take more than 12 units of course work in the online program will need to request a transfer into the online program in order to do so.
  • Online students who wish to take more than 12 units of course work in the on-ground program will need to request a transfer into the on-ground program in order to do so.

Course Requirements for the Online MBA

The Online MBA program requires 52 units of course work with some flexibility in scheduling. BSCI 650 , BSCI 651 , and ACCT 652  must be taken in the first or second trimester, and STGY 659  and STGY 670C  must be taken after all core courses.

GSBM 670X  and STGY 670C  are integration courses. Students must complete the following courses before taking GSBM 670X : ACCT 652 , BSCI 650 , BSCI 651 , DESC 656 , ECNM 657 , FINC 655 , and MKTG 658 . Students must  enroll in GSBM 670X  before enrolling in their last course, STGY 659 . STGY 670C  must be taken in conjunction with STGY 659 .

Following is the recommended course sequence for students wishing to complete the program in two years:

Elective Concentrations

The Online MBA allows students to choose one of four elective concentrations:

Concentrations consist of 12 units of course work.

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