Oct 22, 2020  
2016-2017 Graziadio Academic Catalog 
2016-2017 Graziadio Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Administration and Faculty

University Board

Pat Boone, Chair
Pat Boone Enterprises, Inc.

Robert Barbera
Financial Officer
Barbera Management

Nabil Barsoum
Certified Public Accountant

William Beazley (MBA ‘81)
Orthodontist (Retired)
Enterprise Management

Paul Bennett
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co.

Andrew K. Benton
President and Chief Executive Officer
Pepperdine University

A. Ronald Berryman (‘62, MBA ‘67)
President and Chief Executive Officer
Berryman and Company

Viggo Butler (MBA ‘80)
United Airports Limited

Rod Campbell
Chairman of the Board
Logistavise, Inc.

Nancy DeLiban

K. Duane Denney
Automation Industries, Inc. (Retired)

Robert E. Dudley (‘75)
Founder, President, and
Chief Executive Officer
Clarus Therapeutics, Inc.

Maureen Duffy-Lewis
Los Angeles Superior Court

Mark W. Dundee (EdD ‘00)
Managing Director
Benefit Advisory Services
Towers Watson

Gregory J. Ellena

David Elmore
Elmore Sports Group, Ltd.

Hank Frazee
H.W. Frazee and Company

G. Louis Graziadio III
Managing Partner
Ginarra Partners, LLC

Bart M. Hackley, Jr. (MBA ‘76)
Certified Public Accountant (Retired)

Michael A. Hammer
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
The Armand Hammer Foundation

Seth A. Haye (‘02)
Senior Vice President
Morgan Stanely

Bruce Herschensohn
Senior Fellow
Pepperdine School of Public Policy

Robert W. P. Holstrom
Diversified Investment Funds, Inc.

Katherine Keck

M. Lawrence Lallande (‘80, JD ‘83)
Attorney at Law
Lallande Law, PLC

Carl J. Lambert (‘78)
Lambert Investments, Inc.

Stephen Lehman Partner
Business Rockstars, LLC

Wes W. Lucas

Seiji Masuda
Masuda Educational Foundation

Takuji Masuda (‘93)
OSBI gmbh

Gregory R. McClintock
Glaser Weil Fink Jacobs
Howard Avchen & Shapiro, LLP

Warren R. Merrill
The Merrill Group

William S. Mortensen
Chairman Emeritus (Retired)
First Federal Bank of California

Kenneth Mosbey, CFP, CLU
Executive Partner
Mosbey Financial Services

Aaron Norris
Norris Brothers Entertainment, Inc.

Stephen E. Olson (MBA ‘73)
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
The Olson Company

Michael C. Palmer
Managing Principal
California Real Estate Regional Center

Kelly Roberts
Vice Chairman of the Board and
Chief Operating Officer
The Historic Mission Inn Corporation

Twanna Rogers (MBA ‘77)

Charles B. Runnels
Chancellor Emeritus (Retired)
Pepperdine University

Christopher A. Ruud (‘93)
Vice President of Global LED Adoption

Joe Schirripa

Margaret Sheppard

Eric Small
Stress Control Systems Trust Trustee
Flora L. Thornton Foundation

Lisa Smith Wengler
Malibu West Development Company

Richard L. Stack
Hugh and Hazel Darling Foundation

William “Steve” Stephens

Dorothy Straus

George E. Thomas
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Thomas Partners Investments, LLC

Robert A. Virtue
Virco Manufacturing Corporation

Edward W. Wedbush
Wedbush Securities, Inc.

Ellen Weitman
Chief Financial Officer
Weitman Family Properties

Larry Westfall
President and Chief Executive Officer
Westfall International Products & Consulting

Jeremy N. White (MA ‘94)

Gary L. Wilcox
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Cocrystal Discovery, Inc.

Griffith Williams
Chief Executive Officer
Terratech, Inc.

Judy Zierick