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2021-2022 Graziadio Academic Catalog 
2021-2022 Graziadio Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Online Master of Science in Business Analytics

The Online Master of Science in Business Analytics* (MSBA) degree is designed to prepare analysts with strong technical and quantitative skills who can inform evidenced-based decision making in business organizations. The 31-unit program draws from the Decision Sciences and Information Systems & Technology Management disciplines, in addition to a defined set of “analytics-intensive” elective courses to allow students to specialize in a particular functional area.

The curriculum addresses three overarching learning goals:

  • Students incorporate ethical considerations in decision-making.
  • Student communicate effectively through data visualization, writing, and oral presentations.
  • Students use appropriate methodology, techniques, and software tools to analyze data and make evidence-based decisions.

OLMSBA program learning goals and outcomes state the educational expectations of student achievement for each degree program. These goals are defined by faculty members to clarify how they intend for graduates to be competent and effective as a result of successfully completing the program. 

*Effective January 1, 2020, the program name was changed from MS in Applied Analytics to MS in Business Analytics. The curriculum and all degree requirements remain the same.

Immersion Experience

In the first trimester of the program, Online MSBA students participate in a 3-day weekend-long Personal and Leadership Development Workshop (BSCI 650 ), scheduled over a weekend at a location in the greater Los Angeles area. It is designed to promote a cohesive learning environment and establish a strong foundation for interpersonal communication, personal ethics and values, and team development This course is graded on a credit or no credit basis.


Students are responsible for all synchronous or asynchronous instruction.  Live (synchronous) sessions are required instructional elements of every online class, and real-time attendance and engagement is expected of students on a consistent basis.  To ensure the fulfillment of all course objectives and deliverables, faculty may require attendance at certain live sessions without exception. In cases where an absence from a session has been approved by the instructor, the student will be assigned work to demonstrate mastery of the required content. Failure to complete this work will impact a student’s grade.

Access to On-Ground Courses

Online students who wish to enroll in an on-ground course may submit a request for consideration on a space-available basis. Prior to the formal submission of the request, students should consult with their advisor to understand the potential impact of taking the desired on-ground course on their overall program completion plan and timeline. Requests are individually reviewed by the Program Office, and approval is not guaranteed.

Required Courses

Business Analytics Electives

Elective course availability will vary per term and year based on instructor availability, enrollment, and program needs. Although elective courses are not guaranteed to be scheduled on a regular cycle, students will be provided a choice of relevant options from the program’s elective list during course registration.

Complete 6 units from the following: