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2018-2019 Graziadio Academic Catalog 
2018-2019 Graziadio Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Master of Science in Global Business

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The MS in Global Business (MSGB) program may be completed in four trimesters with a minimum of 49 units. The program offers a diverse range of global learning experiences designed to enhance the global mindset level of MSGB graduates and prepare for and add value to their specific global business careers. All students complete their first two trimesters of course study in Malibu. The remaining two trimesters include a globally focused internship trimester, and a fourth trimester of courses abroad or in Malibu.

The study abroad experience is a highly important element of the global business education in the MSGB program. Domestic students in the MSGB program are required to study abroad for one semester or complete a full-time internship trimester outside the United States. International students are eligible to complete a globally focused internship trimester in the United States or abroad (including their home country). International students may complete their fourth trimester of course study in Malibu or abroad. One Global Business Intensive course outside the United States is included in the MSGB Program curriculum for all students.

Students work with Career Management Center Counselors and faculty Internship Advisors to search for, select, and complete their internship trimesters. Semester study abroad courses are offered at our more than fifty Partner Schools. Applications are available from our Global Programs Office.

Students may apply to this program with undergraduate business or non-business degrees. Qualifications for admission include strong undergraduate academic performance, English language skills, proven analytical skills in undergraduate courses, and a range of life, education and work experiences that are consistent with a global business mindset. Entering students generally have limited work experience. Students enrolled in the Graziadio School MBA programs are not eligible to apply.

Students who complete the MSGB degree can apply to be admitted for an MBA degree. MSGB graduates who are admitted to an MBA program take an additional 16 units of MBA core courses, a minimum of 16 units of additional MBA elective courses, and a 0-unit full-time internship for a total of at least 32 additional units.

The curriculum for the 49-unit Master of Science in Global Business consists of the following:

Core Courses 31 units  
Career Seminar 0 units  
Global Business Internship 0 units  
Elective Courses 18 units  
Total Units Required 49 units  

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